Feb. 19, 2017

Indivisible Nantucket  – Meeting in Hendrix Hall , February 19, 2017

Natalie Chambers,Jack Weinhold, and Teena Loftin – Facilitators –

Susan Richards – Notetaker

Present:  Sign in sheet passed around  – approx 47 in attendance

Natalie: This is a recess week – 3 areas to focus on according to Indivisible with our representatives:

  1. Obama care – ACA – Keating spoke about – what are the most (Susan work on research and
  2. Supreme Court nomination
  3. Immigrant ban

Jack:  Explanation of our history and why we’re here/what we’re doing – Indivisible National – started 9 weeks ago – 7,000 groups have formulated in those 9 weeks  – Read the Guide!!!  – very important information!   Passed around Keating letter with explanation of why we need an INDEPENDENT committee to investigate Trump-Russian connection – Indivisible Nantucket is linked up with MoveOn.org now…. HUGE database of names and growing!   

Teena:  At brunch with Keating – Keating is coming to Nantucket during April break  – we need to be sure we attend in numbers – He knows that we are in “crisis” … Keating is a foreign policy expert – We need volunteers to research Keating… get to know him better… Resource:  Congress.gov – Main question to Keating at brunch  – How do we help you?   – Richard Lofton is going to be our public relations manager.  MA State party has created a list of who the congressional districts with the ability to flip in 2018…. If you have friends/family in those areas – contact them to call their congress people

Possibility of Warren coming in the summer.   Question about Markey – should we have him come – he was in the Clamshell alliance – Expert on telecommunications

Alison – Tech update – needs help with website… we have a domain – Miki Lovett can help – Facebook?   Jane Oberg – jfoberg2@gmail.com – Facebook expertise

indivisiblenantucket@gmail.com – our email

ACTION STEPS: Sub-groups forming within Indivisible Nantucket:

Keating Research:    Teena and ________

Affordable Care Act:  Richard, Susan, Peter, Christine, and Michael Carney ______

Immigration ban and issues/Sanctuary City   – Write a statement? Natalie and _____

Speaker Series : Paul, Teena, Jack, Melinda (?), Susan, Peter, Lora, Richard


Ideas/Thoughts/Comments from meeting participants:

*March 25th – Dylan and Julian will be on island at the Police Station

From Molly Anderson/Atheneum – Peter Panchy will be doing a seminar in early April – on the Constitution

Bart Koon-Cosgrove –   has started a FB group –  FactatACT –

Teena: Goal is we all have a way to help each other…. We want to be as strong as possible!  Nantucket is on the map!!  

Republicans are joining Democrats on Indivisible Nantucket (Cape Cod Times story)

ICE  – big fear that they’re coming to the island – someone heard Hy Line workers talking about this….  

ACLU – will be speaking on the Cape – in March?

Could we have police chief and town manager speak to our group about Immigrant issues – sanctuary city…  could they come to our next meeting?  

Nancy R. said why don’t we physically go to docks to prevent ICE from taking our immigrants?  

Haziel – We need to provide sanctuary and hide people who are threatened

Barbara – Ides of Trump – send a postcard to the White House on March 15th – also – Support Democratic candidate in Prices district in Georgia

Adopting a Red State district?   – Wait until Indivisible addresses it in this election cycle?  

Contacting Republican senators to let them know that we support them philosophically – McCain, Graham, Susan Collins