The Indivisible:Immigration Task Force Wednesday, March 1st at the UU Meeting House, 11 Orange St in Hendrix Hall from 3-5pm.

Rev. Linda Simmons has been working on immigration for over ten years, three of those years on-island with Pastor Eduardo Calles from Faro de Luz, the El Salvadorian Congregation that meets at the UU Meeting House, and with Tom Ryan from St. Mary’s whom many of you know. The Catholics are at the forefront of the work with immigration in our nation and in our town. Tom will be with us at this meeting to discuss what is happening on the national and local levels.
  • Discuss what has been happening on island up to this point. What is changing now?
  • What is the position of our Nantucket Police with regard to ICE?
  • What can we do to in preparation for a Raid Readiness?
  • How can we be good allies to our undocumented friends and neighbors here on island?
  • What could we be doing on the National level?
  • Next steps: speakers, actions, requests??