Letter from Bill Keating

Teena received the following letter from our Congressional Representative, Bill Keating in late February.

Dear Teena,

      Rep. Bill KeatingAs a member of the Massachusetts Congressional delegation, I want to keep you updated on what I’m doing to resist many of the harmful policies being pushed by the Trump administration and Republican Majority.

      Since Inauguration Day, many of our greatest fears have materialized. Women’s rights are in jeopardy, access to health care is on the chopping block, voting rights are being undermined, LGBTQ rights are being rolled back, our environment is being threatened, and so many more of the values that we hold dear are under attack.

      What’s more, the Republican Leadership has proven they are willing to follow President Trump’s agenda blindly and will do so with complete disregard for the will of the American people. Not only have they turned a blind-eye to Trump’s dangerous Executive Orders, but Republicans are also trying to force through a budget that would leave millions of women without access to life-saving health care.

      Since the day Trump first announced his campaign, I’ve been a vocal critic. I’m doing everything I can to stop Trump and his ethically-challenged team from enacting their harmful policies – organizing, marching, and speaking out on TV, radio and social media.

      I was proud to join Senator Elizabeth Warren in Boston to rally with thousands to fight to save the Affordable Care Act. Like millions of other Americans, I attended a Women’s March, on the Falmouth Village Green. I joined my fellow House and Senate Democrats on the steps of the Supreme Court to voice my strong opposition to President Trump’s Muslim ban. And, during the past few weeks, I’ve been inspired by standing-room-only crowds at local grassroots meetups.

      I’ve also made my views clear back in our nation’s Capital. In response to the Muslim ban, I sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General and the Acting Officer for Civil Rights & Liberties requesting that they investigate the implementation of the Executive Order. I also co-sponsored the “Freedom of Religion Act” which would permanently codify a ban on religious discrimination in our immigration system.

      Last week, I signed on to Congressman Jerrold Nadler’s Resolution of Inquiry aimed to secure information about any investigations the Justice Department may have launched into Donald Trump’s alleged business conflicts and ties to Russia. I’ve also co-sponsored the “Presidential Accountability Act” to extend the current law — which prohibits federal officeholders from engaging in government business when they stand to gain profit — to the President and Vice President, who are currently exempt.

      To promote transparency, I’ve joined in urging the Office of Government Ethics to investigate potential ethics violations concerning Kellyanne Conway’s public comments encouraging Americans to purchase items from the fashion line owned by President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump.

      However, for my fellow Democrats to defeat the destructive and risky policies of the Trump administration, we need you to continue speaking up. Whether you’ve marched, huddled in living rooms, or attended a town hall, we need you to be persistent and continue to turn our shared frustration into action.

      We’ve already seen what the power and pressure of our grassroots movement can do. It was your collective voices that led to the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. It was your outrage that forced Andrew Puzder to withdraw from consideration as Trump’s Labor Secretary. And through your stories and education, you raised public awareness of the life-saving benefits of the Affordable Care Act – making it a tougher task for the Republican Majority to force through a repeal.

      Let’s persist. Let’s sustain. And, together, let’s continue organizing, communicating, and making our views known. It will take each and every one of us to make change happen.


                       Bill Keating