About Us


Post Election 2016, so many of us on Nantucket, separated by ocean but not disappointment in the outcome of the Presidential Election, were thinking “WhatNow”? And we found the answer, rather quickly, in the Indivisible movement – a core action model of grassroots advocacy, laid out in the Indivisible Guide.

Everyone needs to express their concerns (fears), and ideas, and in these times we need to make a safe space within the community for that to happen. At the same time, we must keep our focus on local advocacy as our greatest leverage for resisting the Republican agenda.

Under Indivisible:Nantucket, there will be other work to do: communication, and Members of Congress research, understanding the bills we are opposing or supporting, and developing relationships with Indivisible groups off island and other social/political groups, on island, regional, and national.

There are so many other issues needing help, and we need to answer the question of which of those activities should fall under the I.N. umbrella, and which need to have a home of their own.