March For Our Lives – 6/11/2022

SATURDAY – JUNE 11, 2022 5:00 PM


Speakers include:
Rev. Linda Simmons (UU), Mary Ann Vasquez Cruz and Kathryn Kyomitmaitee, leaders of the Nantucket High School Walk-Out, Rev. Stephen Murray (incoming First Congregational Church), John Carl McGrady, 2021 NHS graduate and former editor of Veritas, Rev. Tom Richard (United Methodist) and Rev. Max Wolf (Saint Paul’s).

We are working locally to prevent gun violence through common sense legislation and committed action. It has been two decades since the massacre at Columbine took the lives of 13 students. It has been fifteen years since the Virginia Tech massacre took the lives of 32 students. It has been ten years since the massacre at Sandy Hook took the lives 26 students and staff. And 10 more years of senseless gun violence.  Twenty two weeks into the year 2022, America has already seen at least 246 mass shootings.  Make it Stop

RALLY FOR ROE – Sunday May 8th – Mothers Day 2022

Stand up for Women’s Health and Bodily Autonomy

At the Brant Point Lighthouse – Noon

If they can come for Row v Wade


This is a safe space for sharing, information, resistance strategies and our stories. Brant Point is open to the public but owned by the Coast Guard. Let’s speak our mind and keep it kind.

Rep. Dylan Fernandes – office hours

State Rep. Dylan Fernandes Nantucket Office HoursWednesday, August 30th 1:30pm – 3:00pm

State Rep. Dylan Fernandes will be available on Nantucket to speak with constituents at Nantucket Culinary, one floor above The Corner Table Cafe
at 22 Federal Street.No appointment necessary – please just stop by.

Please contact island liaison Tom Dixon at:
(508) with any questions.

Residents who are unable to attend regular district office hours can always call Rep. Fernandes at: 617-722-2430 or email

S Q U I D – and Nantucket

Fisherman Peter Kaizer and other concerned Nantucketers, are working to educate the general public about these alternatives, which are necessary for the sustainability of forage food, in specific, the squid spawning event.

Insuring that the same protections are in place for Nantucket’s waters AND limiting the catch amounts during the spawning season are vital to the sustainability of critical bait fish for this region.

Endorse Alternatives 4B and 4D at the Mid Atlantic Fishery Management Council

Nantucket Immigration Alliance

Please join the Nantucket Immigration Community Alliance (formerly the Immigration Task Force)


Thursday May 4th at 5pm at the UU Meeting House on 11 Orange St.
as we meet to discuss what to include in our Immigration Information Center, that will be open once a month at the UU Meeting House, and how to train ourselves to staff this center. All hands are needed on deck!
We will also continue to make plans for community events, potlucks, dances, and conversations to build friendship, trust and understanding.
All are welcome. Raise your voices, open your hearts, and join us in this work to become an island we can all be proud to call home.