Feb. 12, 2017 Minutes

Indivisible Nantucket (IN) Meeting

Sunday, February 12, 2017; 12:15pm

Hendrix Hall

Facilitator:  Jack Weinhold

Notetaker: Susan Richards

50 plus in attendance…. sign -in sheet was passed around and is being inputted into the IN database – copies of the Indivisible Guide were distributed

I.Notes from  1/29 meeting –  approved

  1. Recap of Group history and explanation of IN Facebook page and Mail Chimp – Susan and Alison

III. Review of national Indivisible’s Four  points of focus and how we fit with them – Jack

  1. Town Hall participation
  2. Public Events
  3. Office Visits
  4. Phone Calls

How do we embolden our MoC (Members of Congress) so that they will actively resist?

Comments from the group:

-How can we make a difference when we have like-minded representatives

-Remember – We have a Republican governor and we don’t know who is going to be running against Elizabeth Warren and other democratic incumbents in 2018

-Mary Beth pointed out the NYTimes article that Republican-run states are working quickly to make conservative policy changes

-Michelle Whalen  –   What convinces people who are not of the same opinion as us is when they feel heard and engaged with – Start a story project to tell and listen to our stories?  

-Jack – Recent Ted Talk: Take some unlike minded person to lunch and engage – listen and talk…  

-Question: Is Indivisible a 401K?   No… it’s just a group of active volunteers

-Haziel – Reminded everyone of his Golden Rule declaration… Go to Change.org

Joe Aguire –  CAUTION – is the chaotic situation by design in this government? – so that fascists can take over…..  The most important issue is to make sure the Constitution is followed…. A bully becomes a dictator….  This president does not understand there are 3 different branches of government

Jack: Mussolini got the trains to run perfectly but the rest of the country was in total turmoil

-Christine Sanford:  Ruth Bader Ginsburg – bio – read!  – it shows a real insight into our judicial system

Indivisible is the opposite of the Tea Party – Be honest – respectful –

-Bill – Don’t lose sight of how we lost the election – Communities like Nantucket reach out to the disillusioned communities that traditionally vote democratic but didn’t in this election  –  reach out to a community that is on water like us….   To get a real understanding of why people voted for Trump –  read Hillbilly Elegy.

-Joanne Pollster.  – group swaps – someone from Nantucket go to another group and them come to us….. Jack – do via big screen – Dreamland?  

-Molly Anderson – volunteered Atheneum equipment to do a “town meeting” type of forum  –  Also you can get daily action alerts – we should be sure we have an alert system for our group…..   Phone calls are important – they are counted by representatives

-Nancy Tobias –  Start working at local level to have early voting/absentee voting – so that we can go to these places to help people vote because we would have already voted

-Indivisible Town Halls – too disruptive? – We should hold our reps feet to the fire but respectfully

– Remember what Natalie Chambers said – We need to become the experts

-Cody Penotti – Indivisible guide is online and on our facebook – Jack – there’s a good intro video posted here on Indivisible

-Victoria Pickwick – what Republicans might be persuaded to vote democratic?

ACTION STEP – Victoria will research and post

-Haziel – We don’t want to impeach Trump – it’s a waste of our time and we’ll end up with Pence as president – and will Republicans work for their vested interests

-Roger Tillton – Pence will quietly sign  all the bills that Trump is being noisy about

-Best approach is to slow everything down – like McConnell did with Merrick Garland

-43 winnable house seats in 2018 – We need to get a majority of either the house or senate  and then we can actually stop (not just slow down)  conservative policies from getting through

-Karen Werner – Do you know anyone  who didn’t vote? – 48% of all registered voters didn’t vote at all  – Indivisible Nantucket offers us a chance to be active and not just spectators….  Let’s all look into issues and research and get back to the group….  

David Hall – Impeachment is different and perhaps we should consider for Trump – it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t still be president

Joyce – Moveon.org – online meeting every Sunday at 8pm – next Sunday – Indivisible is featured

From Mary Beth – We’re all feeling Anger – Grief – Disbelief –  We need to remember to take care of ourselves – stay strong and as positive as possible.   Remember the Arc of Justice (MLK)

Positions needed within group (recommended by Indivisible Guide):

-Social Media Publisher – Can someone be the funnel  – a technical person?   – Karen will do for now –

-Media Observer – See how our representatives are voting – and pass word on to  

-We need a Website person  – Wix.com – very easy website start site – perhaps Tom Dixon can do?

–Anyone else want to be in IN core group?   See Jack, Susan, Alison, Karen

-Date to Remember:  Democratic Town Meeting – this Wednesday, February 15th – 4:00pm in Athene

By popular demand – our next IN Meeting  will be next Sunday – Feb 19th at 12:15pm… in Hendrix Hall